Today is not the only day to Hunt for Easter Eggs

In the world of computer coding, techs often create entertaining pieces of code that shouldn’t really be there and are referred to as ‘Easter Eggs’.  You can find them in many websites or programs by searching for specific words or pressing certain keys.  You won’t find these in the ‘official’ documentation, but they are there and sometimes people stumble across them.  Google has many of them.  Here’s a few cool ones:

Searching for “Zerg Rush” in Google will transform your results in to a game. To stop your search results from obliteration, prevent the letter “O” from going too far

Atari Breakout – typing in “Atari Breakout” within Google Images will bring up a game you can play which is similar to the original Breakout series.

Searching “do the Harlem Shake” on YouTube will not only result in numerous videos of people dancing, but will also shake up your results.

Open ‘Google Earth’ (free download from Google) and Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘A’ keys and then you can fly an F-16!

Remember the Swedish Chef from The Muppets? Why not make him your liaison to the world of search? Amidst the myriad of language options in Google you’ll find “bork, bork, bork” which serves up your results in the gibberish language of the fictional Swedish Chef. From the webiste, go to ‘Preferences’ in the upper right corner, select Languages, then ‘Show More’, then select the language you wish. You will also find ‘Elmer Fudd’

You can launch a game of ‘Missle Command’ in Youtube by clicking to the right of your video, then typing ‘1980’ (no quotes) on your number pad.

Enjoy…and Happy Easter Egg hunting!