Make your web pages Print Friendly

When you have a web page to print, you don’t want to print ALL of the headers, footers, banner ads and other ‘stuff’ on the page.  You just want to print the main article you are reading.  Here’s a great web browser add-on that pulls out the main article on the web page, makes it reading friendly (enlarges the fonts, etc.) and allows you to print just what you want.  You can remove images and any text you don’t want to print with just a click!

This is a FREE program with more info and download links here:

Print Friendly   (click the ‘Browser Tool’ link on the top right of their website to download the Browser add-on)

When you want to print something, just click the little Print Friendly icon in your browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer…) and a special Print Friendly Window will pop up where you can do things like remove images and click on any parts you don’t want to have printed.  Easy as that!

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