How to Erase your Smartphone before Trade-In/Selling/Giving Away

We store a lot of personal data these days on our smartphones (and about 60% of everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone!).  When it’s time for a new phone and you are considering selling, trading-in or giving away your old one, it’s very important to erase all of this data to protect it from getting into the wrong hands.  It’s not difficult to do and although most people receiving the phones are honest, it’s not worth taking the risk to let ‘them’ have your phone and all of it’s contents.


  • Performing this Reset/Erase will PERMANENTLY DELETE ALL of your data, settings, applications, etc. on your phone.  Please make sure this is your intention and any important data has been backed up.
  • A Factory Reset will NOT erase the data/files that are stored on the SD/memory card if you have one installed in your phone.
  • Make sure your device has a well charged battery or is plugged in when doing the erase or you risk breaking the device.

Android:  How to Erase All Contents and Settings

1 – Tap ‘Settings’, then tap ‘Privacy’

2 – Tap ‘Factory Data Reset’

3 – Select ‘Reset Phone’

4 – Tap – ‘Erase Everything’

iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad):  Erasing all Content

1 – Backup your device (iTunes or iCloud)

2 – Tap ‘Settings’, ‘General’, then ‘Reset’

3 – Tap ‘Erase all Content and Settings’

4 – Confirm, then it will perform the Erase.


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