I LOVE this browser Add-On – it blocks Ads!

Adblock Plus

AdblockPlus.org is the website.

What it does – Lets you surf the web without those annoying and sometimes dangerous ads (blocks banner ads, popups, even video ads).

What it is – Available for your favorite browser (Chrome, IE, FireFox, etc), you click on the Install button on their website and it installs a small add-on software program to your browser.  Simple as that.

Cost – FREE!

Result – Safer, happier web browsing!

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One Response to I LOVE this browser Add-On – it blocks Ads!

  1. Allan says:

    These ad blockers really make a difference. I switch between mozilla and the torch browser and have blockers now on each, and god, what a difference it makes!! I’ll look into this one!

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