Run Android & Apps on your PC!

There are a TON of great apps that are made for your Smartphone.  Like any other program though, apps can only be run on the operating system they were made for.  So you cannot run Windows applications on a Mac, for example, and you cannot run Android apps on a Windows PC.  But what if you have an app that was made for a smartphone, but you would rather use it on your computer (with full physical keyboard access, unlike on most smartphones)?  Maybe you want to try out a new version of Android or develop and test an app yourself.  There is a way to do this. It works on most newer PCs and is 100% free and 100% legitimate (no pirating software).  The answer is to create a ‘virtual’ machine on your PC that runs the Android operating system.  Launched right from within Windows, you run your choice of Google’s Android operating systems and then you can use your favorite smartphone apps right on your PC.  Here’s a great article that gives you more information, download links and step-by-step instructions.

How to run Google’s Android OS on a Windows PC

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