What should I do about the end of support for Microsoft Office?

There has been much talk and worry about the end of support for Microsoft Windows XP.  I and most security experts have warned about the potential security problems that could occur after the last patches are released on April 8, 2014. This is a problem that should be taken seriously. Now, you may have also heard that Microsoft will discontinue support for it’s Office 2003 on the same date. Should you seriously worry about this also?
In my opinion – NO!
When’s the last time you’ve updated Microsoft Office anyway? When’s the last time you heard me (or any other computer security person) say – “You better update Office, quick!”. Probably Never.
There are many free alternatives to Microsoft Office, so if you want to ditch your old copy of Office, fine, but if not, don’t worry about it. Here are my 2 favorite free Office alternatives:


Kingsoft Office Suite Free

Should you worry about updates for programs that mainly involve the Internet? – YES!  But unless you open a significant number of Office documents from the Internet (which most of you don’t), don’t be so concerned.

Keep in mind that you CAN have more than one Office Suite installed on your computer, so you DON’T have to uninstall Microsoft Office in order to install an alternative.

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  1. Bill Sessums says:

    Thanks Dan, I was concerned about this. Your recommendations makes sense. I did go ahead and download the Libre office suite anyway. I am currently using Windows 7. Thanks for serving the Baltimore (and some of the DC) community.

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