Great, Free alternative to Microsoft Outlook

One of the reasons many users have stuck with the Microsoft Office Suite instead of using one of the free Office alternatives has been because there has not been any/many good alternatives to Microsoft’s email client, Outlook.  Now, there’s a new version of a full-featured email client called eM Client version 6.  Like Outlook, it not only gives you access to your email, but also Calendar and Contacts.  It supports major email servers like GMail, Exchange, iCloud, etc.  Like many Office alternatives, this one is very similar in features, capabilities and look to Microsoft’s Office products and is FREE (for personal use with up to 2 email accounts).

eM Client supports Windows XP, 7 & 8 and even has Touch support if you have a touch screen.  If you currently use Outlook or another email client, it has an import function to import your data from the old software.

You can download the software at:

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