Help. I’m stuck in Ukraine and I need you to send me money!

Yesterday I received an email like this:

Subject:  Help….Sender’s Name       (the ‘Sender’s name’ is usually someone you know)

Good Morning,

I hope you get this on time!!!sorry to disturb you but i had to send this message to you due to an unforeseen circumstance that my family and i encountered.

My family and i traveled to Yalta (UKRAINE) for a short vacation but unfortunately for us, we had an accident of which i dislocated my right arm and my head got bruised. The driver of the cab passed on due to internal bleeding and the injuries he sustained on his head.I have not been able to reach any one due to the fact that our cell phones,credit cards and some valuable document were all missing after the accident.

Thank goodness, my family are safe but presently in the hospital due to the injuries we sustained.i am only in a public library to reach out for help through this medium since it the only way out for us now!!!!please kindly get back to me as you receive this message so that i can tell you how to help us out……

We depend on you.

— end of message —

This is a popular scam that is able to steal lots of money from your friends and relatives.  You get an email from someone you know – or at least from their email account.  It says they have been hurt, kidnapped or something like that and need you to send help.  Since it’s coming from their real email address, you may believe it and reply.  When you do, you get a reply from ‘them’ and they say they are really in trouble and need you to wire them cash right away.  Since it’s obviously a matter of life and death, you send the money to who you think is your friend in trouble, but really is a criminal in some foreign country.

Don’t fall for this scam.  NEVER wire money to someone using ‘Western Union’ or other similar service for any contact via Internet or email.  It’s a SCAM!

This is another reason it’s important to keep you email account password safe!

The cyber criminals are able to scam people like this because they get access to your email accounts.  If you don’t protect your email account and the bad guys are able to scam your friends or relatives out of hundred or thousands of dollars, while they think they are helping you out…not so good!

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