ebay hack drives home need for Password Manager – here’s a good free one

Here’s the problem

The bad guys steal a large password list.  ok. no big deal you think if they access my ****.com account.  BUT – Since you use the SAME password on about a few dozen websites, the bad guys now have access to lots of your accounts.  not good.

SOLUTION – do NOT RE-USE passwords.  Use a different password for each different website.

PROBLEM – How the heck do we remember dozens of different complex passwords and what websites they go to?

SOLUTION – Use a password manager.  These programs/services keep your ‘list’ of usernames/passwords and make it easy to keep different passwords.  Many automatically fill in the login data for you.

One I really like is Last Pass.  It has a good FREE version and  works with all of your operating systems, mobile devices and browsers.

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